A Doctor Speaking and Police Terror

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Dear Foreign Press

Dear Media People,

As all of you have been aware, there is a resistance going on in Turkey, started as a protest against the destruction of a green area and transformed to a protest againts all of the evil doings of the current government so far.
Media has been banned from broadcasting any type of image or recordings. So there are no proofs of the excessive use of force by the police. You keep telling us to record videos or take pictures and send to you. But this is almost impossible because first we are there day and night and there are no batteries to hold on this long. Also there are numberless jammers placed around, not only in Taksim/İstanbul but in all others parts that are protesting. So we cannot send you anything.
You need to be here! You need to show to the rest of the world what has been going on here.
It was a peaceful protest, with people in tents protecting the nature. But then they dragged people out of the park, tear gassed them, threw water cannons at them, burned their tents with all of their belongings in them..
And neither a member from the government nor Recep Tayyip Erdoğan himself has  announced any positive or constructive solutions. It has been days.. It’s time for any leader to say ok people we will not built this mall anymore.. Instead he helps marginal groups sneak in the crowd and burn police cars or destroy the area. It’s not us! All we do is to stand and stop the police to go in the park. Turkey has never seen such a brotherhood and collective work since the Independence War. We help eachother, shop owners give free water, bread, milk and lemon to decrease the effects of the tear gas. People open their houses for us to run inside in times of police attack. We resist! We deserve a better response! Instead he keeps mocking us, he says, “if they want trees, then i will give them many to plant at their backyard.” Today he said, -ON TV!- that the protesters deserve to be hanged on those trees!!!
America and Europe, and all the other forces that had help in creation of this monster; now you cannot sit back and ignore whats going on here! Turkish media is banned but not German, or British or American! Come here.. Help us!
First week of Revolts